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Schneider’s Sweet Shop–Bellevue, KY

When Richard first informed me about Schneider’s Sweet Shop and their legendary “Ice Balls”, I was immediately intrigued. Describing it, he had explained “it’s like ice cream inside a snow cone”. Well, how can life get much better than that, right? He went on to tell me that three generations of his family had visited the candy shop since it’s beginning in 1939. His grandmother had begun the tradition with his mother who later passed it along to him. It is now our tradition when we are in the area. The shop sits in the same spot on Fairfield Ave. as it did all those years ago. The shop’s current owners strive to remain as close to the original as possible, right down to the recipes. Did I mention that the ice cream inside their famous cold concoction is homemade? And, if you can’t choose from the many syrup flavors available to douse the snow cone portion of your treat, we recommend trying “nectar,” which is also his Mom’s favorite.

At times, however, we decide to indulge in the variety of candies they produce instead of dipping into “the coolest thing in town” (as the sidewalk sign states). Schneider’s crafts everything from almond and cashew bark to their specialty “Opera Creams,” which were originally developed for the Cincinnati Opera and can only be found in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area. If you’re stopping by solely for the candy, good luck, because you may leave penniless. The choices seem endless and can be overwhelming. The good news is, you can purchase by the piece or by the pound (fractions of a pound are also allowed). And, please take our advice and pack a cooler so your investment doesn’t melt on the way home.

I may be biased in favor of Schneider’s Sweet Shop. I always imagine Richard as a small boy, his hand linked with his mother’s, ordering his Ice Ball at the counter. But, judge for yourself. Stop by for a sweet treat and be sure to tell them who sent you. Click here to visit their site for hours and more information.


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