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River Specters

When gallivanting through uncharted territory, we always encounter numerous photo opportunities, often so many that we must pass them by on occasion and make note of them for future outings. It is rare, however, that something simply stops us in our tracks. On this particular dreary day, we had decided to turn right onto Four Mile Rd. (1924) while driving down Boonesboro Rd. in Central Kentucky. Riding so closely to the river is, in itself, a chilling experience. When we turned a curve and saw the two structures pictured above, we were awestruck. There was no hint toward the purpose of these two buildings in their glory days, but their crumbling state and graffiti-embellished exteriors only added to their spooky appeal.



The seemingly cryptic message, “Quixotic Jealous Dream”, was scrawled in white on the foundation of the first building, leaving me to test my vocabulary knowledge as well as ponder the reasoning behind this particular choice of words. There was an array of other mementos and tributes, including the typical appearances of skulls and marks of Satan. I tend to believe that close proximity to a river can make anything unsettling, bringing to mind images of muddy, raging floodwaters carrying death and destruction in their current. This find made the detour worthwhile. The other shots I’ve included below are within close proximity to these structures. 


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    1. You haven’t seen them until you’ve been up there and gotten inside. It’s fascinating.

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