Photographic journeys down the road less – travelled.

Old Taylor Distillery–Millville, KY

Our first encounter with Old Taylor Distillery in Woodford County was an unexpected one. More than a year ago, after a visit to Daniel Boone’s grave in Frankfort, we had chosen to take the backroads home, a common choice in our vehicle. On this particular day, we took a wrong turn, truly a blessing in disguise. What we found along the bends of McCracken Pike (1659) pierced through the frustration we were feeling about our navigation mishap. We immediately pulled to the side of the road and removed the lens caps from our cameras. Each closing of the shutter captured something amazing. A displeasing photograph seemed an impossibility here, as did the idea of putting away our cameras and heading home. 

The vast expanse of Old Taylor Distillery resembled a small town, forgotten and in ruins. It felt as though this place was being seen for the very first time by the two of us, the grand architecture highlighted by years of vine overgrowth. The entire grounds was enveloped in an eerie solitude that was enticing and, at the same time, made you want to run for your life. It was a combination that has beckoned us to visit many times since. This old bourbon distillery is no longer abandoned, however, as the new owners have begun extensive renovations and plan to revive it to its former glory.



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