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Highbridge Springs–Wilmore, KY

If you live near Central Kentucky, the mention of Highbridge Springs probably brings to mind a refreshing bottle of spring water. What you may not know is the origin of its name.

“High Bridge” is named for the railroad bridge in Wilmore, KY that stretches across the Kentucky River Palisades, connecting Jessamine and Mercer Counties. But, it isn’t your typical railroad bridge. Constructed in 1876, it was the first cantilever bridge in the United States and has a three-span continuous under-deck truss. At 308 feet in height, it is easy to understand why it was dubbed “high”. It’s length, being 1125 feet, is nothing to scoff at, either.

High Bridge was the tallest railroad bridge in the world until the twentieth century and continues to hold the title of the tallest bridge over a navigable waterway in North America. Not too shabby….Having stood next to it myself, I can assure you it is a marvel. Its size is nearly incomprehensible. This visit was on another of our lucky days. We had taken KY-29 and were heading toward Danville when we saw the sign. We, of course, quickly retrieved our cameras from the backseat.

And, in case you aren’t a native Kentuckian and aren’t familiar with the Spring water, the water bottled here definitely isn’t tap water, as is rumored to be floating in most. Highbridge Springs Water flows naturally from underground limestone springs. Grab a bottle and test it for yourself!


    1. Just stumbled upon your blog. You do good work! I’m an old KY Bluegrass guy AND an old B&W photographer; been to High Bridge many times and never fail to be fascinated by it and its history. Have you visited the RR bridge at Tyrone?

      Clyde Parrott
      Columbus, IN

      1. Thanks so much for stopping in. I have never been to the railroad bridge in Tyrone. Thanks for the tip. We love to discover new places.

        1. The structure at Tyrone, KY is known as “Young’s High Bridge”, and a search with that term will turn up several references.

          1. Thanks again! I really appreciate the information.

    1. Love your posts girl!

    1. Very interesting, Aleshia! You do a great job!

      1. Thanks a lot. That’s always good to hear.

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