Photographic journeys down the road less – travelled.

Clover Bottom

Travelling the backroads, we are often witness to artifacts from a bygone era such as this old country store, which we deemed perfect for our first blog post. Nature has transformed this small empty building into a work of art, from the weathered paint to the vines stretching up and across in braids. Inside the windows are relics left behind by the last owners. An old grapevine wreath, devoid of decoration, graces the window to the right of the door, while a tiny American flag hangs tattered in the left one.

We couldn’t help wondering what was hidden behind the curtain in the third window, not to mention the padlocked, vine-smothered door, but our imaginations are left to fill in the blanks. It’s sometimes more entertaining this way. Little gems like these often provide us with evidence that, while so much has changed, some things never change, one being America’s love affair with Coca-Cola. This rusted piece of nostalgia made us quite thirsty. It’s a good thing we brought our cooler today. Along with chilled “pop”, we brought along some Snyder’s Butter Snaps and homemade Banana Bread. We’ve included my Mom’s recipe for your enjoyment. Check out our shots below for a glimpse at some of the other beauties discovered in Clover Bottom. A visit here is like a step into the past.

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