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Big Creek and Tyner

Our discovery of Big Creek and Tyner, KY on 421 in Leslie County was, as often is, an accident. Wrong turns are good friends of ours. This little wisp of a town is almost too small to label as such. It seems “community” is a better fit. Nevertheless, it was the perfect destination on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Country stores seem to be commonplace here, as though every family in residence has decided to try their hand at it at some point over the years, some succeeding, some failing. The character seen around each and every curve (and there are lots of those) is truly something special. It brings to mind a simpler time, when Sunday morning meant your best outfit was on and your Bible was in your hand. A time when dinner afterward was held at Grandma’s table, not at the local fast food joint, and a blessing was said before your fork dinged the plate. If these are days you long to be reminded of, take a drive to Big Creek and stop by for a cold “pop”.

Big Creek is also home to the Big Creek Missions, a Christian-based organization that strives to offer hope to Appalachians in need. They offer everything from free home repairs to food distribution to those in need. The mission also has a focus on the youth in Appalachia, providing children with day camps as well as a teen outreach program. If you are reading this and feel inspired, you can click here to learn more about the work they do. You can even make an online donation using PayPal if you feel urged to do so.


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