Photographic journeys down the road less – travelled.


Hello and welcome! You might say this blog is a sort of travel guide that showcases sites typically only visible with a dreaded wrong turn. We love exploring America’s backroads and uncovering the mysteries hidden along them. Abandoned, dilapidated buildings are the stuff our dreams are made of. We relish in the art that nature creates, often finding beauty where time and the elements have brought destruction.

While you will frequently see showcases of these instances, they are not exclusively the focus of our blog. We don’t like to set limits on our creativity, or your viewing pleasure, so you can expect to see a wide variety here….anything from gravestones to ice cream cones. We also plan to spotlight locally-owned shops and eateries, places we believe create the “flavor” and character of each town. Our experiences often inspire Richard’s other hobby, music, so you may also find some of that here, along with sounds captured from our travels. At any rate, we hope you will allow us to share our journeys with you. 

So join us in search of beauty hidden in plain sight….as long as you take the road less-travelled.

Please be aware that we do not promote trespassing. Always be considerate and respectful of privacy.


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